Saturday, September 29, 2007


Check out these 2 videos. I laughed out loud during each of them. And, I can relate to both of them too!! Have a fabulous Saturday!

Mom's Overture by Anita Renfroe

Pachelbel Bedtime

Friday, September 28, 2007

3 In a Row

I am happy to report that we have had 3 dry nights in a row at the Smith house!!! Yea! We think the wet bed was a fluke, but I guess time will tell! Hannah is still loving preschool...this week she got to stay till 2pm. I am happy to announce that at 2 pm she is finally ready to come home. Now that she is completely exhausted! Then she goes straight down for a nap. I usually have to wake her up after 2 1/2 hours.....we do want her to go to bed some time at night!!

I have found a secret to waking Hannah up in the mornings. All you have to do is put a little Sadie in the bed beside her! Not only does she wake up quickly, she wakes up happy and cuddly! Not sure Sadie is really excited about it....but she will take one for the team! This has worked more than one time! This is a good thing to know on preschool mornings when we need to move quickly and in a good mood!! Here are some pictures from the 1st successful Sadie wake up!! This must have been a wake-up from a nap because both girls are already dressed!

Sadie's face cracks me up! "Mom what are you doing to me? "

Sadie loves her sister!

This is priceless!!

Hannah feels the need to kiss her every time she is around her! Good thing Sadie does not mind!! (I guess Hannah's love language right now is physical touch!)

I just thought this was hilarious! Sadie looks like she could go to sleep too!

More hugs from Hannah!

When do they learn to stick their tongue out to a camera? Hopefully this was also a fluke! :)

It can't be that she knows what she is doing with her tongue! Maybe she is just copying her sister! (More likely, she is getting exciting and is about to talk!)

Cute of Hannah....

Priceless! This is by FAR the best picture of Hannah holding Sadie! So beautiful!

Well, Sadie has not wanted anything to do with oatmeal since she threw it up last Saturday! I have tried every night. I think it is because she is trying to cut these teeth! Jake thinks she might remember throwing it up ??? That would be amazing, but I am not sure that is accurate! So, we tried sweet potatoes on Wednesday. She made the most horrible faces!! I think we had 5 bites total! It probably seemed like 50 to her because of how many times I had to put the same bite back in! Here are some photos from the sweet potato experience!

Daddy what is this stuff Mommy is giving me?

How creepy is this picture? I know everybody takes them, but few share them! She seriously looks drugged!

Our happy, happy girl!! You can not tell in the picture, but her feet are moving all the time! She really does have "Happy Feet"!

You are number 1! Now go and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too Soon....

I guess I spoke too soon about Hannah in her panties! Maybe not, she is still in her panties at night but hasn't been dry in 2 nights! This morning Sadie woke up at 5:30 (those teeth are coming soon!!), so I was nursing her when I hear screaming. I had to wake Jake up to check on Hannah. When I finished nursing Sadie and was headed to put her to bed, I see Hannah in a bubble bath. This is 5:45 in the morning....crazy! ( If you guys know us at all we are not early morning people and have trained our kids the same. Hannah would be happy to sleep till 10 every morning, but then she would not go to bed till 11 at night and that wouldn't work really well for preschool, ladies class, church, we get her up at 8ish :0 ) So this morning was really weird for us. Sadie went straight to sleep : ) ! We changed Hannah's sheets (for the 3 rd time in 3 days) found some acceptable blankets, and put her back in bed. Thank goodness she went back to sleep! I should add here that Hannah was in a great mood at 5:45 this morning! Better than she is at 8.

In my last post I mentioned Hannah going to spend the night with Aunt Liz and Uncle Michael. I meant to put this in there but got distracted :)! Jake and I have lived in San Antonio for 7ish years now and love it. We have never had family near by, but didn't really mind since the drive was just 4 hours to family! Now with little ones, I can definitely see the benefit of living near family. Just Hannah spending the night with the Cauley's was refreshing and wonderful! Those of you who have family thankful. You are very blessed! Show your gratitude. I am a little jealous today of those of you who can go out and NOT have to pay a babysitter each time! But that does not mean we are moving to Abilene! Just wanted to let you know that those of you with family who are happy to help you with your children, you are blessed.

Sorry there are no pictures this time. We don't look our best at 5:30 in the morning! And pictures of wet sheets are not that exciting.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, Sadie is fully committed to this teething thing right now! She is drooling everywhere.
We have also had some unusually late (night owls) around here with her teeth coming in! The other night was 3 am! Poor girl....we are praying that those teeth come through quickly so she can get back to her smiley, sleepy, and non-drooly self!

As for an update on Hannah.....she now sleeps through the night with panties and not a diaper! :) I am completely amazed how fast this child potty trained! She practically dragged Jacob and I through it! She was still sleeping in a diaper until Wednesday night. We left the girls with her babysitter. The next morning she woke up and I went to take the diaper off and it was not there! She was dry and looked at me like "what's the big deal mom?" (She doesn't use a diaper during naps anymore so I guess this step was not a big deal to her) So the next night we have the babysitter again and the same thing happens. She wakes up dry again. Seems pretty silly to go backwards so we just keep it going! Way to go Hannah!! Such a big girl!

A big thank you to Aunt Liz, Uncle Michael, Kiley, Bailey, and Kason for having Hannah over for a sleep over Friday night! Jacob just started a new job in the last 2 weeks that have been crazy hours! This will change...he is just learning and getting into his groove :) He also works Saturday, so I have been running the show day and night!! Big change from this summer when he was home at least a little bit every day!! So it was greatly appreciated for Hannah to have a night away! The only thing that was not appreciated was the cell phone with make-up in it!! We have blue eye shadow everywhere!! She says it HAS to go on her lips....reminds me of the 80's! We are coming up with a plan to hide it....tonight! Thanks again!

Aunt Bekah bought this Zebra book for Hannah, but it is soft and I really like it!

I especially like to chew on it!! Thanks, Aunt Bekah!

Why we need the lid for the swing now!! She is an escape artist! She was further out than this but my flashed scared her!

See your mouth like Brian!!

Thanks Brian for feeding me my oatmeal! It is yummy!

Ready for the next bite!

Here Brian, let me try it!! I think I can do it by myself! Who would have known that she would throw ALL of it up less than 2 hours later! The funny part is she was still sleeping through her throw up!! Yuck! Of course we had to take a middle of the night bath! She loved it....all smiles! I'll tell you this girl is even happy during vomiting! Amazing! What a blessing!

Hannah's favorite "Princess Shoes" that she wears ALL the time! Her favorite outfit right now are these heels and her panties only! I took pictures of that but did not want to offend anyone with a more than 1/2 naked girl!! I wonder if other 2 year old girls run around with out clothes on??? Anyways....thanks Sugar for the dress up shoes!!

My beautiful girl! Thank you Lord for the blessings of children!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 months old!

Today our Sadie is 5 months old! What a difference 5 months make! She has been a joy since day one. Such a sweet little girl, that is content with whatever comes her way.....even Hannah accidentally stepping on or sitting on her :) Hannah has been wonderful with her too....she always says, "Where is MY Sadie?" It is so cute to watch Sadie smile and giggle at Hannah. I have 2 brothers that were not all that I did not laugh at them! :) Now however, they are hilarious and I laugh at the often! I just think this sister love is sooo cute!

Eating on Gaffy and sporting her red bow! Shhh.... don't tell Daddy about the bow! :)

Hannah insisted on getting in the crib and playing with Sadie. Sadie loved it.

Sadie at 5 months!

Sadie on Day 1, hour 1 Don't let this picture fool you...she only cries when she is tired or poopy!

She has more hair here than she does now!

Ths is one of Hannah's 1st holdings of Sadie. A scary experience for everyone but Hannah! :)


Monday, September 17, 2007

Mobilization Begins

Well, I believe I forgot some things that happened this past week in my last post. I did not forget the last thing in this blog.....the 1st one just got too long!

Let's start with Wednesday....

After church, the girls and I walk into the house. I put Sadie's car seat (with her in it) on the coffee table and go to change clothes. About 1 minute later Hannah starts screaming and then I hear Sadie screaming too.... Hannah had pulled Sadie off the table and she had flipped onto the floor!!! Thank God that the "roll bar" :) was up and Sadie was still strapped in. It mostly just scared them. So I put Sadie on one leg and Hannah on the other and let them cry for a minute until they realized their world was just fine!! When did Hannah get to be so strong??

Then on Thursday....

Hannah did not want to leave preschool yet again! Jacob had to hold her down to get into the car seat! We are so excited that she likes her preschool........but seriously, a temper tantrum every time we pick her up??? By the way, she is still crying when she gets home and goes straight down for her nap! Everyone needed it! :)
After her nap, Hannah kept saying that she had a boobie and she wanted me to tiss it (kiss it). She was holding out her arm though....?? Then I figured it out....she had a boo boo. She knew how to say boo boo when she was 1. Why is she calling it a boobie now?? Pretty funny, but a little weird in public places!

Friday is when things get pretty interesting!

My friend Katie and her daughter Jayden (14 mo) come over to play for a couple of hours. When they were leaving I laid Sadie down on her back in the living room and walked out with Hannah to say goodbye. Katie put Jayden in her car seat & I closed the passenger door to keep Hannah's little hands out of all the goodies she was finding. I saw that Hannah had a book of Jayden's so I tried to open the door and put it in, but it was locked!! Jayden was locked in with the keys! Thank goodness it was only 70 degrees! I went in to go find a hangar and try to unlock the door. When I walked inside....Sadie was on her belly!! Her first roll over and I missed it. Not only did I miss it, I had to hurry and get Jayden out of the locked car! The hangar did work, and we were able to open the door in 5 minutes or less! PTL. Later that night when Daddy was home we put Sadie down to she if she would roll again and YES she did! I missed her 1st one, but got her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on camera and video! See pictures below!

Sadie wearing the bunny ears that Hannah made at preschool!

Just chillin' on the couch!

Doesn't it look like she is waving here? So cute....that smile!

I don't know exactly why I took this photo...I just thought it was hilarious and gives you a good shot of those thighs :)

Only a 2 year old in San Antonio would eat a tortilla while rocking and singing to her baby!

Sporting her cute outfit....getting ready!!!

So Beautiful!! Love those dimpled arms (or rubber band arms) Hannah did not have those so we think Sadie's are extra cute!!

Here we go.......

Almost there!!!

Did it! Then she looked at her audience like, "What's the big deal people?" After her first roll that we (Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Brian & Karen) saw, we cheered so loud that it made Sadie and Hannah cry!! Funny!

One more cute story about Hannah....
On their way home from the store, Hannah asked Daddy if she could drive home? Seriously, she is only 2! :)

While I was putting this blog together, my wonderful husband bathed, lotioned, dressed AND put Sadie down for the night! Wow! Such a treat!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eventful Week!

Hello friends! We have had such an eventful week around here that it finally convinced me to start this blog. Our girls are growing so fast and we want to

share the memories and milestones with you guys! I will be posting a lot of pictures, so you can see them as they grow for those of you (grandparents & friends) that do not live near us! Hope you enjoy! Here are some photos of the last couple weeks. ...

Finally a huge grin caught by the camera!! She smiles ALL the time but the flash sometimes causes her to stop smiling before the photo is taken! Not this time!

Playing in the pool! Yes, you see bubbles!! Hannah doesn't know that you CAN swim without bubbles yet. The girl LOVES Bubbles!

Playing with Jalen in the pool.

Jalen making it fun...."Look (wook) Mommy it's raining!!" over and over and over

Two beautiful girls!

Not sure Hannah is helping at all in this game....much less with her eyes closed! Thanks for taking up all the slack Jalen! :)

Playing games with Daddy at Mr. Gatti's.....boy does she love her Daddy!! Me too!

Showing off our prizes!

Good news....Hannah still wanted zebra glasses even after getting bit by a zebra!

Sadie's 1st non-mommy meal. Mmmmm....oatmeal

You know how these first meals put the same spoonful in 5 times because it keeps coming straight back out!!! Takes a while to get a little bit down : )

Same spoonful, try number 5!! What a big girl!

All dressed up and ready for her 1st day of preschool! Who would know that she had been screaming for 35 minutes?? Not exactly how I had envisioned the 1st day going!!

Hannah had homework before she even went to her first day of school. These preschool teachers are tough !! :) It is the 1st time in years that I have busted out the craft tub! Hannah ate way more cereal than actually made it onto the paper.....but she had lots of fun!

All tangled up in the sheet!

Just playing around with the camera! I do this often! Cute little toes.

This is when you know that you are doing it ALL right as have both of them crying at the same time!! Actually, it was pretty miserable for Mommy!

So sad...that lower lip!

Just can't get enough! Daddy is saying "Girls, that is enough reading for tonight!!"

Hope you all have a wonderful week!