Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sadielicious is Solo Soon

Sadie is down to the one finger walk....not much longer. She has stood on her own without holding anything and taken a couple of steps by herself already....

Friday, May 16, 2008

7 Random Things

Well....I think I was tagged about a month ago to do this....so here we go. I think I hesitate because I am not sure I can narrow it down to only 7 :)!!

1. I have a screw in my left foot. I fractured my left metatarsal playing softball in college and this was supposedly the quicker and more secure fix...:) My friend (the trainer) got to go into my surgery and she said they used something that looked like a Black and Decker drill to drill the screw in... How disturbing it that?? Feels a little strange when rain is coming or it is really cold!

2. I leave cabinet doors open all the time. I think that a vehemently denied this until about a month ago! I have been noticing that all the kitchen cabinets are open....and if you know Jacob...it is NOT him. So, I told Jake that I think I leave the cabinets open.....and he just looked at me like....what in the world took you so long to figure that out??!! Yesterday he looked at me....smiled and said "Honey, you missed one." Totally made me crack up! Seriously....I am working on it!

3. I know all the words to all the Wiggles songs....probably moves too! Hannah loves the Wiggles....and they have definitely grown on me! We like Big Red Boat, Racing the Rainbow, and Live the best!! It is funny when you start singing the words to a Wiggle song at random times......"Hot Potato, Hot Potato or Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!" and endless others. It is especially weird to make up your own words to a Wiggle song....and sing it during the day! Such as

(to the tune of Fruit Salad)

Pick up your toys
It's time to clean!

Put your shoes
In your closet

One squirt of soap
to wash your hands

etc... :)

4. I've not yet had a group of close friends that all like each other! I have always had friends that were totally different and sometimes that disliked the others....so strange!! Sometimes things were very awkward! :) I look forward to having a group of close girlfriends who all enjoy each other in the future!

5. I get a 2nd wind at 11 pm! When most people are winding down or already fast asleep...I get reenergized. I could easily stay up all night! But the morning is not so great...especially now that there are kids to care for! This is Jacob's favorite quality about me! ;)

6. I love to read! I love to read fiction....Christian fiction....you name it....I have read it. I also really like to read books that help me become a better me, mom, friend, wife. I think that before you get married there should be some required reading....."The 5 Love Languages", "Personality Plus", "Love & Respect" and at least every woman should read "Battlefield of the Mind" These 4 reads would have saved hours and hours and hours of blood, sweat, and tears in relationships....but mostly in marriage. Thankfully we found them and are really better for it.

7. I love to take pictures & I love to pop things. I stand by the philosophy that if you take alot of pictures then you WILL get some good ones.. I think we take WAY WAY more pictures than the average family...but I love it. I also like to pop things on me and other people. Zits and such. I do not know why and I know it is gross!! Jake has banned me....

There they are 7 things.....Alisa....Monica....Anne.../and Jenny....what 7 things will you share???

Sadie crawled over our order and played in the corner!! Too funny...I think she is going to be one of those kids that likes forts in the living room!

This is what happens when your 3 yr old feeds your 1 yr old without supervision. Result= big mess, food everywhere but inside mouth!

Isn't layering in this year??

2 pairs were not enough....how about 3 layers of glasses at a time?!

Sadie wants to share!!

Let's see....Hannah did something like this

Or maybe it was like this.......

Oh!! Maybe it was like this....yeah this looks right!

Here is Hannah "assisting" Sadie in a walk around. She is trying really hard to remember to walk at a snail's pace and not to drag Sadie along the carpet! Fun times!

Quick story on HJ

Went into her bedroom the other night when she was suppose to be sleeping. She was talking. I decided to ask her who she was talking to her before giving her her consequence.

Hannah: "I'm talking to Jesus"

Me: "What are you talking to Jesus about?"

Hannah: "I asked him to keep my friends safe. Then my knee hurt so I asked Jesus to heal my knee and it is better. "

Me: "Anything else?"

Hannah: "Jesus likes my animals. He thinks they are pretty!"

Me: "That is great Hannah! Are you and Jesus finished talking?"

Hannah: " No, we are not done yet"

Me: "What else are you going to talk to Jesus about?"

Hannah: "Your birthday!"

The next day at nap time I went in to check on her......

Hannah: " Mommy, Jesus is not talking to me!"

Me: "What?"

Hannah: "Jesus is not talking to me!"

Me: "Maybe Jesus just wants you to take your nap and he will talk to you when you wake up."

Hannah: "Yeah...he does"

Well there you have it....Jesus likes naps too :)

The faith of a child! Don't we all want our children to develop a habit of talking to Jesus and never stop?? I'm so glad I took the time to ask!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easter 2008

Here is a video from our Easter earlier this year. We go to Jacob's great uncle & aunt's house (nearly every year) located in Cleburne. There has been an Easter Egg Hunt at this location for over 50 years!! Absolutely amazing. Notice all the people and kids running around everywhere.
Hannah had a blast and even Sadie had some fun, as you can see.

Our family 'video guy' knows this is not his best work. He claims he 'needs' new equipment to improve the memory collection!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring Recap

How about a little Spring Recap? Jake said not to apologize just to get to it so here we go :)!! It has been such a weird but wonderful Spring at the Smith house! The girls are growing faster and faster! Somedays I just wish they would pause and let me absorb them at this stage....but they keep growing and learning and changing! My friend says not to get sad at their milestones....she said, "Michelle, just have another one!" Well that is a thought....but not yet!!

This Spring....we have had 2 birthdays, Easter, fun cousin time.....and lots of things Mommy can no longer remember. Jacob has been on the road a bunch for work...so things are crazy. We are very thankful to have him home now....we are definitely not complete without him. He makes me a better wife, mommy, friend, and just better all the way around. So when he is gone....you can imagine!! :) I am thankful that we did pretty well and surprised ourselves this time....single moms....wow....you guys are amazing! I have no idea how you do it! And to be honest....I pray I never have to endure more than just some long business trips! I will, however, continue to be amazed at you guys!

Without going into details....Jake and I are excited about May! April was a tough month in more ways than I care to remember....but PTL.....He has brought us through and we can see the light! It is absolutely amazing how much you learn and grow when your back is up against a wall! We are thankful and excited to see God continue to work mightily in our lives in the months ahead! We have never been more excited....and we are headed forward...Yay!

For some strange reason I only got these shots of the girls in their Easter dresses. I think I am going to redo this and "pretend" to get some good shots of them in their coordinating dresses! Hannah wore her pink princess shoes to church....yep I am now one of those mothers :) Oh well...next year we may actually remember shoes with the outfit when we buy it?!!

Hannah and Sadie in their adorable coordinating outfits from the Bruner family. Sadie was not much into hunting eggs :) I think her total was 3! She did have 4 at one time....but she was playing with it. When she was finished playing with it, she sat it down beside her. And....it got rehunted....regifted....or re-egged.....whatever you want to say! Needless to say Sadie did not even notice :)! Here Hannah is being such a great big sister and helping Sadie....soooo cute!

Hannah is finding an egg full of money with the help of Ma'mere!

Bored with hunting eggs.....Sadie decides that this stick looks really fun to play with! And boy did this stick entertain :)!!!

When even the stick is not entertaining anymore....you can always try eating the Easter basket! That is always a fun thing to do. :)

After the hunt was over and everyone is counting, Sadie crawled right up to her cousin's pile and started shaking! She had a blast!! It was hilarious!

Notice that she found the money egg VERY quickly....watch out Daddy....I am going to be just like Mommy....at least where money is concerned :)

Hannah with her best friend.....and mine too!!!

After such a tough day of eating and hunting eggs....they had to relax on the playset :)! This is such a wonderful tradition that Jacob's family (Uncle Charles and Aunt RubyLee) put together each year! All the family comes....what a blessing to be in this family :)!!

Aunt Bekah is awesome....she even went down the slide with HJ....which of course she loves! And Yes, she was screaming her name when we had to leave....those are always fun times in the car! One child screaming so loudly that it wakes the other and then they are both going at it!!! Lovely!

Hannah preparing dinner....I think she is putting on the pepperoni here. I love the look of concentration on her face :) I think the pepperoni placing went something like....One for Hannah, one for the pizza, one for Hannah......etc. Eventually we had a wondeful dinner....eventually :)

This is a daily occurrence at the Smith house. Does anyone else have any chore helpers? Too cute and she is always so proud of herself! All is great until she puts the steak knife in her mouth !

The Sock Bandit.....I would take all the socks away and turn around and she would have gathered them all back up....and then she would bite them....all of them....?? Who knows why...but it is precious! Sadie can frequently be seen crawling with socks in her hand or hanging out of her mouth.....apparently it is her teething apparatus of choice! Too funny!

Hannah modeling her "Dancing dress" and her princess houseshoes! She likes to put this dress on to dance to the Wiggles...weird I know....but cute too!

I love this serious face.....this girl does not miss anything. She is so observant. I also love this homemade outfit....it has ruffles on the bottom! Love it!!

There are many reasons I love this photo. 1. The hair- this is how Sadie's hair looks every morning....some sticking straight up and some laying super straight!! Wild thing!!! 2. The one tooth!! Yes, she is turning one with one tooth!! This does not deter her from eating big girl food! She just gums it and sucks on it till it dissolves. Gross I know...and messy too! 3. The teething smile- I call it the teething smile cause she is always moving her gums around on each other and her teeth and then doing a funky but precious smile!!

Mommy....please keep the floors cleaner....don't you know that I pick up EVERYTHING!! Like you said....nothing gets by me.

Clapping to the song...."If you Love Jesus" Love it!!!

I love this dress!! Beautiful! But my favorite part of this picture is Hannah. Don't you love it when they get tickled and you can see sheer joy on their faces!!! Such a blessing!!

Sadie going with the serious pose! She did not want to smile and look at the camera! Too much to ask that particular day!!

Yes....my princess is gnawing on a chicken bone!! Yuck!! My mom gave it to her....she ate or sucked on it for 15 minutes! Hopefully she will not develop Papa's chicken eating habits. It is just not lady like :)

Sadie's 1 yr cake! Nope this is not at all what I was envisioning with I said pink and brown plaid...oh well ...it tasted marvelous. It was imported from Sno-white bakery in Abilene! Thanks , Sugar and Papa

Sadie snacking on a pretzel stick :) Maybe it reminded her of the chicken bone from the night before!

Birthday Girl!

Hannah blew out the candle for Sadie....not sure what is going on with my face though :)

Yummy....cake....and pink icing.

I love this picture! Doesn't everyone want a knife wielding lady at their daughter's 1st birthday??? I know Karen was just helping or something....but I laugh out loud every time I see this picture :)

Notice that they are eating outside....yes that was on purpose :)

Trying out some ice cream....thank you Tara! It makes me pucker up!!

The gifts were wonderful....you know how it is with a 1 yr old! Everyone else is more interested in the gifts than her! Well thank you Aunt Bekah....this one definitely got her attention! Freaked her out....poor girl...she was wailing!

This is called the "distract and calm" technique :) Everyone is working on it!

Okay Bekah...this one is about my size!! And it is good to eat too!! Don't worry, Daddy made her play with the big cat later....we will not be scared at the Smith house!

Hannah was pumped about this gift....some bowls full of cooking supplies.....always fun!!

Thank you Sugar and Papa for all your help!! We couldn't have done it without you!

I love to be upside down.....hold on....cause I will thrust myself backwards at anytime!

Sadie with Ms. Tara showing her how to use her new toy!! Ms. Tara is our wonderful, reliable, sweet babysitter who is such a blessing to our family!! She also loves our girls alot....I mean...who wouldn't?? :)

Thanks for helping me Tara!! I got it and love it!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! You are such a blessing to our family!! We are so excited to see the wonderful things God has for your future.....and the unique ways that you will bring Him glory! We love you!

AAh....is the favorite and frequent word used by Ms. Sadie Grace! This is also the face you get when you ask for a kiss! It is a full mouth open assault!! So fun...and wet! :)

So at what age do they learn feet first over the edge??? Apparently....she is not ready for that....she likes to linger at the edge!!

Thanks for reading all of this....it occured to me while posting Sadie's birthday pics that I haven't done Hannah's which was in March. So maybe that will be next.....but I also have been tagged to do 7 random things....no Laura I have not forgotten....so I will be back soon!!