Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Ridiculous! is going on 2 months since the last post. Life has been busy....really busy! We are all fantastic! Sadie is walking....almost!! Hannah is so much fun....her new favorite song is...."This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made....." She sings it over and over and over....precious! Jake is amazing & I am so blessed to be married to a winner!

I am great too! I look forward to fleshing this last few months out a little more later...but wanted to show you that we are present and accounted for :)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh.....I almost forgot......

Jacob's sister Bekah got married to Daniel on Tuesday! Yep Tuesday! I think they were officially engaged for 5 days! Crazy kids.. :) We are excited for them and look forward to getting to know "Uncle Daniel" more! Congratulations Rebekah and Daniel! We look forward to seeing some pictures soon! new niece Lexi...joined us on Wednesday! She is absolutely beautiful....from the pictures anyway! I have not seen her yet...but soon very soon! Welcome Lexi! We have been looking forward to meeting you! Poor Lincoln is the lone boy in the group currently. Don't worry...he is very much a BOY!! And he loves his girls too! Congratulations Melanie and Scott!

My princess who was hamming it up for the camera! She is finally realizing that the camera is not going to go away....might as well smile at it!! :) Way to go Sadie!

It was a little challenging to get them all to look pleasant at the same time :)

I did not take the rest of these! These fantastic shots were taken by Brian Shofner! He did a wonderful job...especially when the subjects were not that cooperative!! Thanks Brian....these are just a few of many many favorites! Enjoy!

She looks like Jacob's mom here! Something about the expression!

I just love, love this one! So sweet!

I can not believe how big she is! She is so smart....oh and remembers everything! She also has a tender heart and loves everyone! She is such a blessing!

Wouldn't smile but beautiful none the less!

Great picture except for the bribe/cookie hanging halfway out of her mouth! Can we just say sauna! We were all sweating....tons!

I think she is beautiful even crying! She has a very distinct and dramatic cry! Makes me smile every time! Weird huh!

I love these kind of shots! Maybe I should have thought of it before Hannah splashed in the puddle and then sat in mud!!

Seriously Brian, isn't 400 pictures of me enough?? :) Mommy already does this to me at home and now you too???!!!

Attempted a family shot at the end...we are all dripping in sweat! Pretty cute anyway! Thank you Brian!!

Have a wonderful weekend!