Friday, February 29, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're Back!

So sorry to the 2 people who actually read this blog for being away so long! No excuses. All is well in the Smith family! Sadie is growing so fast! She is now waving, pushing herself up to a sitting position, clapping and army crawling! I can not believe how fast she can get around. No more having 1 stationary and 1 moving child! Both is Mommy!

Hannah is doing fantastic! She is only one month away from turning 3...I can not believe this. Things she loves to do right now include....putting on lipstick(chapstick), paint, SWING, go to pre-school, try all of Sadie's baby food, read, change her baby's diaper, drink chocolate milk, and be a "Mommy" to Sadie :)!

Here are some recent pictures....I will have to get to Christmas Blog step at a time!

Here is Hannah showing off her make-over done by her cousin....nice work Kiley! This picture does not do it justice. There was a ton of glitter!!

Hannah is not excited about sharing a picture Bailey (the other lucky recipient of the famous Kiley makeovers!)

Sadie loves saltene crackers. It takes her like 10-15 minutes to completely eat one, but she is persistent. She will gum it till the end! (she does not yet have any teeth but that does not stop her!!)

Hannah is playing us some blues on the harmonica. Actually this girl is way better than Jacob and I. The sounds that she has come out are actually pleasing to the ear. She just might be a natural! :)

Showing her domestic side! Hannah and Daddy made cookies for the cousins. She is trying out the icing right here! Too cute.

Sadie being a big girl and holding her own sippy cup. As you can see...sippy cups are a little messy!

All dressed up in purple! Hannah really likes when the girls match right now. They do not have any matching clothes (yet), but they do have matching colors! She likes to say, "Mommy! Sadie and I are both wearing green! We match!" It is cute to watch them think and learn new things everyday! I am so blessed.

Our beautiful girl unwrapping a set of 8 pairs of dress up shoes! So fun!

Every little girl needs a good set of overalls :) Daddy picked these out and did an excellent job!

I know this is not the best picture but it was so cute. Hannah picked up a book off the bookshelf and went to her pink chair to read. She then went into a 15-minute monolog about Jesus. Not sure exactly what she was saying but I know at one point she said all the words to the Zacchaeus song. When she got to her favorite part she shouted "Zacchaeus, you come down for I'm going to your house today!"
Then she continued to talk and say Jesus at least 2 times per minute! Too precious!

Some stories from the last few weeks:

Hannah has now started calling us Mom and Dad sometimes. It is hilarious and sad at the same time. We have no idea where she picked that up from and it is just funny to hear such a little person call you Mom and Dad instead of Mommy and Daddy!

One of my favorite sounds in the world is the sound of the girls laughing. It often happens in the car. It seems that the mere sight of Hannah is funny to Sadie! Hannah prides herself on making Sadie giggle and then she can't help but join in! I want to remember these moments forever!

Hannah is really into healing right now. Anytime, anything remotely hurts her she tells me that she wants Jesus to heal her. Jesus has been busy healing HJ lately...he has healed her lip, toe, leg, head, foot etc. How beautiful is the faith of a child that Jesus will heal her...and he does. I learn to believe Him at his word from my 2 year old!

One last story about HJ. She loves to swing. So we went to the park and she was swinging. She loves to go "Super high" and I am talking about as high as the "big kids". Anytime you let her go and she thinks it is too low she will tell you again that she wants to go "super high"! So as she is swinging she is telling me she wants to go super high again. I guess she did not think I could hear her, so she turns around and tells me. Then she turns around again and tells me "super high", but this time she puts her arms out to show me how high she wants to go. WELL, letting go is not recommended when swinging! As soon as she let go, I was in the process of pushing her super high! So she does a back layout (flip) off the swing and lands face down in the mulch! Mulch was everywhere! It was crazy! I walked her over to dust her off and she was mad at me that I would not let her SWING! So, as soon as I de mulched her....back on the swings she went. One lady said, "You know there are baby swings on the other side of the playground" I know that! Hannah is not a baby! It is easier to stay on the swings when you are holding on!! Oh well, I am sure she meant to help....but it made me feel like she thought I was a bad Mom! Hannah sure liked it and did not have any boo-boos from her time in the mulch :)! PTL!

Have a terrific weekend!