Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Helpful no....cute yes!

One of the 'joys' of staying home everyday with my girls is opportunities to experience house work with them. One day this week, we were putting away Daddy's socks and....what follows is the 'help' I got!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where does the time go?

Summer just flew by at our house!! We had so much fun with Jake being off for the summer. We did lots of Sea World! The girls never get tired of going....and neither does Papa :) We are looking forward to going to Sea World when it is not 105 degrees outside...that will be a welcome change.

Jacob is teaching again this year....same school, different grade, and different subject! He is enjoying his new subject (English) and has a great group of kids.

Over the summer Sadie decided just to start speaking in FULL sentences! Crazy... she is soooo funny (or at least I think she is)! She just skipped right over the put 2 to 3 words together and went right to the 8 word sentences. Wow! I guess when you have an older need to be heard!

Sadie also potty trained over the summer. She went to Sugar's house for 4 days...and came back with big girl panties and a great desire to wear them. If you ever want someone to start the potty training process for Mom is the one! So far...she has initiated both girls and got them to about 40% in a few days! Then she sends them home for us to finish.... Sadie still wears her diaper at night, but that is it :) Way to go Sadie!!

Cute things about Sadie right now:
- She calls Hannah "Hannah Grace" when she is looking for her...Grace is her middle name :)
- She recently looked at Hannah and I folding a mountain of clothes and said "Are you kidding me guys?" Hilarious!!
- The girl absolutely loves flip flops. She puts the one the right feet and gets the strap between her toes impressively well for a 2 yr old :)
- Loves to eat "butterjelly" one word for lunch!
- When she is poo*ing on the potty she calls it "Big Tootin" Super cute!
- On our way home from church one night I asked Sadie what is learned about....she said "Jesus is......ummmm....Jesus is.....purple!" Really? Well I guess I have never been taught that lesson, but don't you know Jesus is smiling about that!
- Pretty much every night she is thankful for "Shamu, dolphins, and pirates" in prayer time...thank you Sea World :) In her mind...Shamudolphin is one word sometimes :)
- She counts so cute 1,2,3,4(sometimes 4 is omitted)5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13(firteen),13,13,13,13,13,13,13,20!
- Mimics her sister all the time! Whatever Hannah is doing she wants to do...which is probably why her baby doll's name is Peyton too...just like Hannah's :)
- Thinks giving a kiss and a big hug will get her out of sticky situations :) It does not hurt...but we stand firm most of the time!
- Adores her sunglasses and will wear them for hours...inside or out!
- Bob and Warry (Veggie Tales) hold a special place in her heart! She LOUDLY asks to listen to their there videos....color their pictures..."I want Bob and Warry!" is pretty much a standard saying in our house :)

Hannah is a super duper big sister! She is so patient with Sadie(most of the time) as Sadie follows her around. She would love it if she were her Mommy! Sometimes I have to remind her that she is her sister and I am the Mommy :) I will choose the consequences...and enforce them.

Hannah and I have started reading lessons....on 16 of 100 and she is doing awesome! I love how short they are...and she is beyond EXCITED to be able to read!

Fun things about Hannah...
- She absolutely ADORES the water. She would drag Daddy around the lazy river at Sea World as many times as she could convince him too. (It's not such a lazy river with a 4 yr old who won't let you have a tube and wants to jump on you!)
- When she gets excited she jumps up and down, up and down......It must be her go to when she doesn't know how else to show her excitement! Super Cute!
- She is quite fond of the Hippy, Hippy Shake...and would volunteer to go down and shake it at the Sea World show :)
-Her favorite thing she owns is "her dress that goes all the way to the ground" Best 12 bucks ever spent...she is quite fancy!
- She loves to read(look at books)! Her favorites right now are Fancy Nancy, and the Magic Tree House....and everything else :)
- She is really into the much as we will let her be.....I think it is mostly because of the clothes they wear. I saw her and Daddy looking at "beautiful dresses" on the internet the other day! Whose child is this?? I loved sweats and work out clothes :)
- The other day she was trying to get me to see her point of view and she said "it just makes more sense"....What?? Really?? Funny stuff :)
- She really just totally lives up to her middle is joyful and enjoys everything! She is soo fun...and energetic. A great blessing to us!
- She remembers everything you say....everything. So it is a must to stick to your plan in this house or the 4 yr old will catch you :)
- Her favorite thing to eat right now is Ham and cheese! I am so thankful for this...she wants one all the time. Makes packing lunches easy ;) For breakfast she loves bars (Daddy's favorite). Makes breakfast easy too!
- Loves going to church...always comes home talking about what she learned...the most recent was her explaining to me that "before there was light...the Earth was really really dark! Then God said, "light be" and there was light!!" Priceless :)
- Hannah LOVES sign language right now....and we are trying to encourage it as much as we know how! She loves the signing time videos and books...and learning new signs. At Sea World at the beginning of the summer...she introduced herself as Hannah...when the boy did not respond she said her name again and signed it for him!! So cute...the little boy had NO idea what she was doing...

We had such a great summer and lots of visitors! We look forward to another great year! I am so thankful that I am able to stay home and be with these 2 sweet girls! Thank you Jake!!

More on preschool, summer visits, and daily life soon! I have to finish up...nap time is over! I do not understand what is going on with my pictures...they show up as words and symbols....anyone know how to fix that?? I love pictures :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back on the Saddle

Well...I am back. I will really try to be more reliable in the blogging since. We have had a wonderful couple of months. The girls are growing so fast...I try to cherish every moment. One night in November while the girls were taking their bath, Sadie decided to show off. She apparently knew eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair and how to point to them but had never show us till then. In the middle of the bath she proceeded to stand up and point them all out to us perfectly. We were sooo surprised. This girl doesn't miss a beat!

Sadie went from speaking Chinese on the last video to speaking 1 word at a time very clearly. Some of the words she says all the time are: Hannah (Hanie which sometimes sounds like hiney :), Daddy, Mommy, Sadie, paci, kiss, hi,night night, please, thank you, bye, Papa, Grandmere (sounds like crownbear), Sugar, stop, no, gigi, movie (sounds like fooey), juice, drink, crackers, cookies (which sounds like carkeys),carseat, yes (which sounds like ash :) ), and love you (which sounds like luuvu). She is so sweet. Loves to kiss and hug and cuddle.

Recently....Sadie decided to go from 1 word at a time to sentences. She says things like... I don't know, where did it go, I don't want any, dance movie?, I help you, stop it, color it? and many more I don't remember at the moment.

Hannah is busy, busy! She is a great helper and a fabulous big sister. She is very sensitive to how others are feeling and including them. She will be a great friend and mommy!

For Jake's birthday, I got him a flight with Hannah. They just flew to Houston and back. I think 3 hours was the grand total of time they were gone. Hannah is obssessed with planes and is always asking when she was going to get to go on a plane. So....her dream came true...she was sooo excited and they made a great memory. Jake said she giggled while the plane was taking off and was just completely thrilled! How fun....

Blogger is doing something weird with the they are all at the top with no captions... We do more later!

Have a wonderful week!