Monday, August 1, 2016

Fifth First

Ezra boy. We miss you so much. Five months ago you left us. Five months. You have already been gone a third of the time you were here on Earth. A third. I have no idea how that is possible. It seems you were the wild card in the family. You are the one that moved us into a bigger vehicle (we fit in a sedan now...sadly). You were the one that was not yet talking and just kind of grunted and pointed when you expressed yourself (making an interesting game of charades for the rest of us). You are the one we had to close all the doors in the house for (so you wouldn't bathe in the toilet water or empty your drawers in 5 seconds). You are the one that we swept daily for (so you wouldn't eat food off the ground). You were so central to our world.. All of our worlds . We each had such a sweet, special, relationship with you. Now we each have a unique hole, unique memories, and a unique way of grieving you. I miss you baby boy more than I could ever put into words. Some days the longing for you is so so deep. You forever changed us E. We love deeper because of you. We think eternally because of you. Our hurt is great, but that is because we love you so much. I am ok with that. I love you baby boy. Miss you like crazy.
Thank you friends for loving us. For being willing to have awkward conversations, deep conversations, or just letting us talk about Ezra. We thank God for you every time we think of you. I wanted to let you read a writing from Jake. It is so amazing…. It needs to be shared. It is a hope filled message written right after E died. 

From life to Life to LIFE