Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pics from Abilene

I am going to try and catch up here....but so many things are happening!! Here are some pictures Papa took while we were in Abilene! (With commentary of course! You would expect nothing less from me! :))

Hannah loves elephants!

Hannah and Lincoln! Such a cute picture of the cousins!

Not sure what they are looking at so intently, but it sure is cute!

This is Hannah eating the Giraffe food! I hope that it digests easily!

I love how the giraffe is in the background! The Abilene zoo is awesome for little kids! The animals are close and the kids can see them...up close and personal!!!

Giraffe tongues are weird! I am impressed that Hannah feeds them and it doesn't freak her out! It kind of freaks me out when the tongue touches my hand!

Still eating the giraffe food! It must be yummy!

Good thing the zoo had a turtle for each of them! We don't want them to fight over the turtle in the zoo!

Hilarious! Hannah crying and Lincoln looking quite guilty! Apparently there had been a throw down on the way out of the zoo! Hannah was the down part and Lincoln was the throw part!

The bread is for the ducks.....but it is so yummy! (or they are so hungry???)

Papa says that Hannah was charging at the ducks!! Poor ducks, just wanted some bread!

I love the sheer joy on their faces! Hannah would swing for hours if someone would continue to push her that long!

Not sure why neither child has a shirt on?? :) I am glad they are old enough to play together now and Usually not get hurt!

My beautiful little Sadie girl! Trying her best to sit up like a big girl!

Sporting her new coat for the camera!

She is already getting the hang of things....in this family, there is always a camera in your face!

After my big girl meal of squash! :)

Hamming it up for the camera!

Look at all that hair! Crazy that she is only 2!

A last minute wagon ride with Papa before we head home!

This is the best picture of the 3 grandkids that we got! Of course it was a last minutes photo shoot!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will be back with more pictures soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We are back!!

Well I know it has been a long time!! The girls and I were gone for 10 days and then the last 5 have been getting back on a regular schedule. I think we are pretty much back in the groove... Well, at least as much of a groove as we get into around here! So many things have happened that I do not know where to start! I think I will start with some pictures. I will probably try to blog short stories every day for a while to get caught back up!

Just chillin' like a big girl in Hannah's chair!

Sporting my cool shoes w/my cute dress! Thanks Polcyns and Shofners!

Sucking on a club cracker! I felt sorry for her as she was just watching us eat dinner and licking her lips! This would have NEVER been acceptable with Hannah! You live and learn! :)

I babysat my nephew Kason for a few hours. He hates to leave his family......(he doesn't do it often) There is lots of crying. Here he suddenly stopped crying and was out cold! I was sitting right beside him! Hilarious!! It is funny that as soon as his parents get there he is all smiles!!! Not so much with me. :)

This is where Sadie is suppose to be.

This is where she actually was. Her head is laying where her feet are suppose to be!!

Well, I guess this is how you know that you HAVE to buckle them in at all times!! What happened to the baby who didn't move? I am not sure I am ready for 2 girls in action all the time! Wow!

There are 2 things I love about this picture. 1. Hannah's self picked pajamas are hilarious! 2. When did Sadie's head become a course for Hannah's truck???? I guess this is the definition of off roading!?!? Do you notice how Sadie is not even disturbed by this action? I love her easygoing, content, and sweet personality!

"These are like your shoes Mommy!" I agree. Minus the sequins and pictures of Snow White. Who would have thought that a daughter of mine would like to play dress up?? So funny.

I love this sideways grin!

I've got lots more to share....so I will write tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend! I will leave you with a conversation I had with Hannah last week.

"Mommy, I need to go to Bible Class"

"Ok, we are going tonight"

"I want to go to church"

" Ok. Right after your nap we will go"

"Mommy, I help Jesus."

How cute is that?!! I love that girl!