Monday, February 2, 2009

Back on the Saddle

Well...I am back. I will really try to be more reliable in the blogging since. We have had a wonderful couple of months. The girls are growing so fast...I try to cherish every moment. One night in November while the girls were taking their bath, Sadie decided to show off. She apparently knew eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair and how to point to them but had never show us till then. In the middle of the bath she proceeded to stand up and point them all out to us perfectly. We were sooo surprised. This girl doesn't miss a beat!

Sadie went from speaking Chinese on the last video to speaking 1 word at a time very clearly. Some of the words she says all the time are: Hannah (Hanie which sometimes sounds like hiney :), Daddy, Mommy, Sadie, paci, kiss, hi,night night, please, thank you, bye, Papa, Grandmere (sounds like crownbear), Sugar, stop, no, gigi, movie (sounds like fooey), juice, drink, crackers, cookies (which sounds like carkeys),carseat, yes (which sounds like ash :) ), and love you (which sounds like luuvu). She is so sweet. Loves to kiss and hug and cuddle.

Recently....Sadie decided to go from 1 word at a time to sentences. She says things like... I don't know, where did it go, I don't want any, dance movie?, I help you, stop it, color it? and many more I don't remember at the moment.

Hannah is busy, busy! She is a great helper and a fabulous big sister. She is very sensitive to how others are feeling and including them. She will be a great friend and mommy!

For Jake's birthday, I got him a flight with Hannah. They just flew to Houston and back. I think 3 hours was the grand total of time they were gone. Hannah is obssessed with planes and is always asking when she was going to get to go on a plane. So....her dream came true...she was sooo excited and they made a great memory. Jake said she giggled while the plane was taking off and was just completely thrilled! How fun....

Blogger is doing something weird with the they are all at the top with no captions... We do more later!

Have a wonderful week!