Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Excuses

Hello Friends! There will be no excuses as to why this is so long in the making! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving....the Smith family sure did. It is always a challenge to eat 2 Thanksgiving meals in one day! They were spread out better this year, so that helped! We had a lot of fun with family! I don't know where to start writing so I will just start with the pictures & comments :)

Wow, I think she is getting more beautiful every day! It is hard to believe she is 7 months old! I want her to stay little....Hannah is growing up fast enough! I was worried before Sadie was born because Hannah was barely talking in 2 word phrases. No need to worry....now she is talking in sentences, paragraphs, and gets a little bossy from time to time :)! She is becoming my best little helper! I love it when I ask her to do something and she says "Sure I will Mommy!" It is so cute

Meet Jack. This is just the beginning of his transformation! See below....

Hannah really does not like to get dirty unless it is on her terms! She had no idea what this pumpkin adventure would involve!

Seriously, she was not too happy about this! But in a way that only Daddy can....he convinced her it would be fun!

Now it looks like it was her idea to begin with! Thanks for the cute shirt Ms. Carrie!

Sadie is just chillin' watching Daddy and Sister get dirty. She did find her thumb! And while it is cute for a picture or 2, we will not let her suck on it with us around!

Saving the pumpkin seeds for Mom.

Now the fun part.....we are going to paint Jack. If you haven't noticed...there is not much that we do that is normal! But we are fun!!!

Doing a little painting of Hannah too...and Daddy's knee :)! This is the way 2 yr olds paint apparently...everything nearby gets a coat too!

The making of a masterpiece!

What is a painting without some glitter? She is definitely a girl!

Not only did I find my thumb....I found my toes too! What a big night for me!!

Glitter is good....but a WHOLE can of it??? A little gaudy as you will see!!

Supposedly the glitter is Jack's hair! Poor Jack. He had no idea a 2 yr old was in control of his fashion!!! But he is definitely original wouldn't you say?

Showing off her sitting up skills! The boppy is just there for Mommy's piece of mind....she doesn't need it!

Here I am sporting Hannah's Debbie Gibson hat!

Can't quite seem to get it off, but it is fun!!!

Okay Mom....enough pictures! I love those cheeks!!!

On to my niece's birthday party! It was a dress up party! Here is Bailey (my niece) singing some Hannah Montana!

Hannah has no idea that you eat a hot dog in a bun! I guess I should buy some and let her practice! She just took the hot dog out, took a bite, and put it back in the bun! I think the bun was just a holder in her mind..cute though!

Liz and Bailey with the Hannah Montana cake of course!!!

Kason and Sadie playing! Not sure why Daddy put Sadie on the picnic table...but she had fun anyway!

Sheer Joy!!!!Bailey's reaction for her parents present.......Hannah Montana tickets for the next day in San Antonio!! Oh, and the Jonas brothers or boys will be there too! Apparently, Bailey and Mamere and Liz think they are pretty cute!

Kiley and Mamere posing for a picture at the party.

This is where the non-walkers sat as we went down to the river. Sharing some cousin bonding.

Fun with Mamere!

Jake performing Kiley's baptism in the river....burr! (Kiley dunked herself before the baptism to get ready for the temperature of the water....only a 9 yr old would do that :) )

Congratulations Kiley!

After the baptism, Kiley had her first communion and received a study bible from her parents to celebrate!

Hannah watching the baptism....wanting to get in the water or at least near it! No one would let her.....seriously.....what good is that much water if you can not play in it!

The after party....Hannah loves swinging so much she was even willing to get in the baby swing that swings at a diagonal!

Sadie could not handle the after party and went straight to sleep! She was so good...especially for being completely off schedule!

Soooo sweet.

Apparently Sadie is doing the tiger here at cousin Lincoln! She is making such a funny face. These were our first Unger family photos in a long time. It is a little challenging with 3 kids that are 3 and under. Thank you Liz for your skills and patience!

If only they would both smile and look at the camera at the same time! There was quite the audience in the back .....so it was a little distracting :)

Sugar and Papa with their 3 grandchildren.....#4 is set to arrive next July!

I love this picture! It is hilarious! They are ALL smiling......at the same time....just at different people! Pretty cute! We have the Smith family photo shoot in December so we will give it another go! One thing we do not lack in this family is pictures....I love them....I love taking them....I love looking at them....so I have taken about 5000 since Sadie was born. Crazy!!!! Thank goodness for digital cameras....you can take all you want and edit/delete later!!!

Thanksgiving Day brought snow in Abilene. Here is the beginning at the Smith meal.

This is across the street from the Unger house just a couple hours later!!! Crazy. Needless to say these San Antonionians were not that prepared for all the white snow! But what a memory it was.

A funny Hannah story....while Jacob and I were talking in the living room, Hannah walked up to us and said, "Guys stay here (with her hand out in the stop signal) I'm just going to check my me-mail! ok?" Hilarious!!! She has also mastered escaping from the crib.....so I guess a big girl bed is coming next :(!!

Have a wonderful week! Good News...I am 90% done Christmas shopping! That is a first for me...I am excited!! Just a few more gifts to finish up and I am ready to wrap!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Warning!! This will be Super Long!!

I have been working on getting this posted for 3 days now....seriously! Hope you enjoy the massive amount of pictures!

I guess if you are not the mom of a 2 year old your blog title might say lengthy! But Hannah's new favorite word seems to be "super". I want to go super fast, super high, super kiss, super hug, super big etc.... So, super long it is! So much has happened! I am going to go through my pictures and then tell the story as they go! Enjoy!

Hannah posing with the flowers that her Daddy bought her. She was so excited and talked about them all the time. Mommy got some flowers too....of course! Thanks Daddy!

Still checking them out....so sweet

I love this picture! It is a real smile :). When did my baby become such a big girl??

Colton and Sadie's first meeting. Can you tell that Sadie was sleeping hard on her left side just moments earlier?? :)

Hannah could hardly stand not to be in on the photo shoot action! She just dove right in! Such a sweet big sister!

Lots of action going on all around Sadie.....and she's just chill! I love that! I want to incorporate that trait into my personality....we would all benefit from that :) I could not believe how active little Colton is....all boy....all action...all the time!

While we were taking pictures, Hannah decided Sadie needed a diaper change. I didn't realize until her diaper was completely off.....2 yr olds are funny!

Sweet Sadie smiling for Mommy. I think she is now getting the fact that pictures taken by mommy are going to be a way of life so get used to it!!

Love the double chin here!

Our purchase that makes going out and about by yourself w/ 2 kids a bit less stressful! Hannah loves it too.

Our San Antonio team made the trek out to Hondo for the South Texas Corn Maize! Over 30 people going through the maze together was interesting, but we had a blast! Thanks everyone for coming!

As you can see, the light sticks were a big hit! And you can use them for so much more than light!! :)

Such as.........eating or teething tool!

Karen and (very excited) Brian!

Carrie and Janis pose for us!

Hannah was offered some yummy homemade kettle corn...........

And took off with the entire bag!!!! She is so proud!

Karen and Hannah on the primitive train! The backs are just metal and your seat is a piece of 4x4 wood ...pulled by a tractor through the fields and holes! The kids loved it....adults were hurting!!!!

Our kids getting ready!

Noel and boys squeezing into the last barrel! Such good looking little boys!

Janis and Andrew are ready to go.

Noel and family.

Robin and kiddos! (Our fearless leaders through the maze!)

Sporting her Debbie Gibson hat! Hannah is pumped about the Pumpkin Patch!

She has already picked some out for Sadie....just Sadie's size!

So beautiful...

Oh yeah.....NEWS FLASH.....Sadie is now sitting up all by herself! She started right at 6 months. It is amazing how fast they grow up. I strive to enjoy every moment I can at each age!

It is tricky getting Sadie secure, both looking at camera, and both smiling all in ONE picture....so, you do the best you can and take a whole bunch of pictures!

This is staged...she is not really pulling Sadie around in a wagon....at least not yet anyway!

Again...it's tricky!

Propped up by the pumpkin looks pretty comfortable to me!

Mommy and her girls

Giving the pumpkin some love.

Sadie....looking cute and destroying their "photo shoot" area at the same time.

The girls spending some "sandwich" time with Ma'mere!

Sadie trying on one of Hannah's bows....shhh...don't tell Daddy! :)

Sadie is finally tall enough to play in her pink play station! Hannah is always there to supervise if she can be & Sadie loves it!

Kason's 1st birthday party! He really likes the icing! This party was an all day event! It started with train rides, then food, then gifts, then presents, then park time, and to top it off a Halloween party that the kids dressed up for! So much fun....almost too much for a 2 year old with no nap!!! :) We made it! She fell asleep in the car on the way home (6:30 ish), and did not wake up until 8:30 the next morning. She was pooped!

Everybody likes the gifts!

A new trick for the swing

Aunt Bekah getting creative with Sadie! Sadie loves being held by Aunt Bekah!

Playtime with Ma'mere starts with the swing....

So funny when they do adult gestures.

Then Hannah convinced Ma'mere to climb up to the top....through the holes.

A look down from above.

And then she went down the slide too.....that Ma'mere is amazing...and easily persuaded by a two year old :)

Getting dressed for the 2nd party of the day and not too excited about the head gear mom keeps trying to put on him!! He's also sleepy....but isn't he cute in his costume!

Kiley in her "Tinkerbell" costume...hmm

Bailey strutting her stuff for the camera.....right before she took off the leggings!

Sadie the banana being spoiled by Aunt Liz too!

The monkey with Ma'mere

Full view of the sweet little banana.

Hannah attempting to bob for apples! It was more like...Hannah putting her face in the water multiple times and then picking an apple up with her hands! Too funny.

Almost ready to go home....but we have to try out all of Kason's new stuff! Then Hannah wanted to read to Sadie for a little bit.

We had a photo shoot on Halloween at a building with lots of greenery. It was a great idea by Jake to take pictures there in a more natural "habitat" for the monkey :)!

Sadie is wondering why she is being held sideways and in the bushes....but still smiling!

The monkey holding her banana....

The monkey NOT holding her banana...but the banana is holding her own!

At the Fun Festival, Hannah climbed all the way to the top of the slide with the big kids! She did such a good job and had a whole bunch of fun!

Taking a break from the banana top and just being beautiful!

Hannah's favorite part of the night...riding the Jolly Trolley train....when she got off she would say, "Again" immediately! So fun! This one was better than the one at the corn maize because it had padded seats and seat belts instead of a 4x4 board :)

Banana is the greenery with a big leaf.

Monkey in the bushes! So cute!! We had a great time together as a family. It is fun that Hannah actually enjoys dressing up now!

If you made it till the end....I am amazed! This is seriously long but I figured better to do that and get all caught up than to continue not to post and procrastinate! I hope you all have a blessed week!